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Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare Maintenance

Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare Maintenance.

Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare Maintenance.

Professional maintenance. Meeting maximum quality standards.

Regular, correct checks of paramount vehicle parts and functions safeguard the performance and reliability of your van. Maintenance protects from unnecessary repair costs and thus guarantees minimum, foreseeable downtime. The Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare Maintenance product maintains the vehicle value and thus increases the resale value.

Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare Maintenance at a glance:

Services offered

All maintenance work according to ASSYST (Active Service System) or maintenance sheet for Mercedes-Benz chassis, including spare parts and oils. The contract includes Mercedes-Benz Mobilo. The number of maintenance attendances freely selectable: 2, 4 or 6.

Contract period

Unrestricted contractual period.


No mileage limitation.


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