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Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare

Flexibly protected: Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare.

So that you can fully rely upon your van.

ServiceCare by Mercedes-Benz.

Your Mercedes-Benz van has all the preconditions that reliably accompany you in your free time and everyday life. With ServiceCare from Mercedes-Benz you can ensure that it stays that way. Find out which Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare product is best for your needs. Simply click on "Calculate ServiceCare".

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Secure cost planning through fixed calculated instalments
  • Optimally maintained vehicles in Mercedes-Benz quality
  • Protection against unforeseeable costs
  • Short downtimes thanks to extensive service network
  • Economy and long-term value retention of the vehicles
  • Mercedes-Benz Mobilo mobility guarantee for up to 30 years

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