In the fast lane: financing, leasing and service for your Marco Polo ACTIVITY.

The financing best suited to your Marco Polo ACTIVITY.

Example of calculation for Plus3 financing for the Marco Polo ACTIVITY

Purchase price ex factory xxx
Special payment xxx
Term xxx
Total mileage xxx
Monthly Plus3 instalments* xxx
* XXX.

Other financial services.

It's our job to keep your Marco Polo ACTIVITY on the road.

With Mercedes-Benz Service you have a partner on your side that knows your van inside and out and supports keeping your vehicle reliably on the road.

Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare for your van.

You don't drive a Mercedes-Benz Van by accident, but because you have chosen outstanding quality. Come what may, you intend to stay on the move. Our Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare products will help you in the process. Use the Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare calculator to find out which Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare product fits your needs.

Mercedes-Benz Service24h and MobiloVan.

If your vehicle should ever suffer a breakdown, the professional Mercedes-Benz Service24h will help you reach your destination. With the Mercedes-Benz MobiloVan mobility guarantee this and other useful services are a part of every new Mercedes-Benz van.

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