Get connected with Mercedes me connect

Get connected with Mercedes me connect

Get connected with Mercedes me connect

  • Mercedes me connect (Mmc) is a digital extension of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It is the newest generation of connectivity that helps Mercedes-Benz owners to stay connected and in sync with their vehicles.
  • The connected car service is made to make the lives of Mercedes-Benz owners easier and at ease, whether it is starting the engine, getting customer support or simply checking their fuel level.
  • Mercedes me connect services are either free for a lifetime1 or limited to a three-year subscription, with the purchase of new2 Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


Mercedes-Benz Malaysia introduces the powerful new platform that allows Mercedes-Benz owners to remain connected to their vehicles, Mercedes me connect. The service will be made available in 2020 onwards, starting with the new generation GLC range. With a simple tap of the screen, customers are able to access a full suite of connected services to easily manage their vehicles right from their mobile devices.


“We leap ahead with our digital initiatives to revolutionize customer experiences with the showcase of the Mercedes me connect. This platform allows our customers to become part of an intelligently connect world with direct access to their vehicles at the tip of their fingers. Mercedes me connect enhances the ownership experience with comfort and convenience that gives our customers more reasons to love their car. With this, the future really is here,” said Michael Jopp, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia.


To begin using Mercedes me connect, owners are required to define and activate their vehicle on the Mercedes me portal where they will be conveniently guided through all the necessary steps. The Mercedes me connect application can be downloaded from both, the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store. The application is designed to work with Android and Apple devices, including the Apple Watch.



Upgrade your Mercedes with Mercedes me Adapter


For customers with Mercedes-Benz vehicles that are built after 2002 without connected functionality, they will still be able to enjoy the experience of connected features through the Mercedes me Adapter and become part of the intelligently networked world. The adapter is a retrofit telematics solution consisting of an adapter, an application and integration into the central Mercedes-Benz systems. It is inserted into the diagnostics interface (the OBD2 connector) of the vehicle.


With the Mercedes me Adapter and application, customers are able to benefit the following services amongst others:

  • Information about the current vehicle status: fuel level, mileage, parking location and time
  • Find parking garages with prices, opening times and occupancy
  • “Cockpit”-Mode with live vehicle data, e.g. engine load, oil temperature and average speed
  • “Car Health Monitor” for a fast support in case of warning lights from the vehicle
  • Trip list and refueling list with export and editing function
  • Find, contact and book appointments with Mercedes-Benz Service Partners
  • Reminder function for important due dates such as main inspection


The Mercedes me Adapter is priced at RM250 and its available from Quarter 1, 2020. For a full overview on the Mercedes me Adapter, kindly visit or contact our 24-hour Customer Care Centre at the toll-free number; 1-800-88-1133 or email