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Rescue Sticker from Mercedes-Benz

When every second counts: the rescue sticker.

Get the right Rescue Card quicker by using the QR code sticker.

Every second counts when it comes to occupant rescue after an accident. Mercedes-Benz is the first vehicle manufacturer to introduce a small but effective innovation that gives emergency services immediate access to safety-relevant information: the Rescue Sticker.

In an emergency, customers can contact Mercedes-Benz Service Partner and these stickers can help to save lives.

The rescue stickers are easy to apply and are available from your Mercedes-Benz dealership for all Mercedes-Benz vans manufactured from 1996 onwards.

"There are certain areas on every vehicle where we cannot cut without exposing vehicle occupants or ourselves to unnecessary risk. That's why it's important for us to be able to access potentially life-saving information from outside the vehicle. … This saves precious time at the scene of an accident. Every second counts and any support can be crucial."

Oliver H., fireman, interviewed by Mercedes-Benz on the subject of the new rescue sticker.