What makes the new A-Class so special? Just ask it yourself! It is able to speak, comprehend and think, and it has a magically human feel.

The A-Class Hatchback.

Hey Mercedes.

Have you ever been in this situation? You meet someone and have the feeling you have always known them. That's almost what it's like with the A-Class. You were only introduced to each other a few days ago and yet the vehicle is familiar with your preferences, moods and what you like and dislike. It almost knows you better than you do yourself. The A-Class and you suddenly become one. So you can always be your true self.

Price (SST Incl.) w/o Insurance from MYR 219,263.48

The A-Class from a completely new perspective: as a saloon with a dynamic and elegant profile.

The A-Class Saloon.

The first A-Class in a 3-box design.

Even as children this is how we drew cars: divided into the engine compartment, interior and boot according to the so-called 3-box design. And the A-Class Saloon gets us dreaming along these lines again. The profile is so dynamic yet timelessly elegant. The A-Class Saloon with MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) in a sporty 3-box design.

Price (SST Incl.) w/o Insurance from MYR 222,120.92

Strikingly self-assured.

The new CLA Coupé.

Strikingly self-assured.

New around town and all set to make a lasting impression. The design puts a shine on you. The performance puts you in the fast lane. The interface speaks your language. That's your new CLA Coupé. Progressive dynamism from the bonnet to the rear. The forward-inclined front hints at a forceful personality. Frameless doors underscore the unfettered coupé character. Its muscular shoulders and broad rear turn heads.

Price (SST Incl.) w/o Insurance from MYR 433,802.02

Crossover in its purest form: its dynamic design lines make the GLA the sportiest off-roader in its segment.

The GLA.

The sportiest off-road vehicle in its class.

Strike out on new paths, far off the beaten track and in unknown terrain: in terms of curiosity and a thirst for adventure, the GLA is a genuine off-road vehicle. On the other hand, the dynamic design lines emanate pure forward thrust, almost like a sports coupé. That is what makes the GLA a crossover in its purest form. The city is its natural habitat. From there, it will start out on any adventure you undertake. Welcome to the GLA.

Price (SST Incl.) w/o Insurance from MYR 216,153.80

The B-Class: more dynamic, more comfortable and safer than ever.

The B-Class.

Ready for the time of your life?

The B-Class is open to everything: discover a car that shares your love of the new. Equipped with intelligent assistance systems and functions to protect you even more effectively while on the move and help take the strain out of driving. They can identify dangers automatically, for example, and provide corresponding warnings or even intervene with corrective actions.

Price (SST Incl.) w/o Insurance from MYR 230,939.74

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