Mercedes-Benz Driving Experience

Experiencing and acquiring the art of safety driving

Better driving skills can make a world of difference for everyone who shares the roads. At Mercedes-Benz, we approach the skill of driving from a holistic point of view. Our state-of-the-art active and passive safety systems need to be complemented by excellent driving skills in order to ensure better protection for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. The Mercedes-Benz Driving Experience is a total experience that makes this possible.

Experts from Mercedes-Benz will share invaluable knowledge and tips on how to correctly respond to and handle difficult situations as they present themselves. Under the watchful eye of trained instructors, you will be able to advance your driving skills and hone your handling capabilities.

What you’ll learn through the course:

  • How to recognise risks
  • How to avoid dangers
  • Mastering critical situations
  • Understanding the safety technology in a Mercedes-Benz
  • The use of innovative features through hands-on experience

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