This comprehensive package provides you with the peace of mind of Agility Financing, Comprehensive Motor Insurance and Return to Invoice Insurance.

With all 3 of these features in one, you can be confident that you're not just protecting the future value of your Mercedes-Benz. You are also thoroughly covered, no matter what comes your way.

    Agility Financing

    • Lower monthly instalments
    • Flexible end of agreement options; Settle, Extend or Return
    • Future value of your car guaranteed by Mercedes-Benz

    Return To Invoice Insurance

    • Pays the difference between the invoice value and amount paid by the Comprehensive Motor Insurance
    • Covers the risk of total car loss, including car damage, theft and fire
    • Customers will have the same amount of money to spend on a replacement car as the original sum spent

    Comprehensive Motor Insurance

    • Agreed Value Scheme
    • One-for-One Vehicle Replacement
    • Immediate Policy Issuance
    • Fast Claims Approval
    • Waiver of Betterment Charges
    • Use of Genuine Spare Parts
    • Cashless Windscreen Claims
    • Towing Services
    • No excess for cars up to 10 years old
    • Premium loading is waived for cars up to 10 years old

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