For the stars of the industry:
The Mercedes-Benz Trucker’s Club

Acknowledging the importance of truckers in the growth of the Malaysian economy, Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles brings to you a club that aims to recognize the efforts of the key people in the trucking industry : The owners and driver.

The Mercedes-Benz Trucker's Club, in short called MBTC, has the primary objective to recognize the efforts of our Malaysian Truckers as well as appreciate them for their continuous efforts in improving and uplifting the local trucking industry. This club is formed in order to have a stronger bound with Mercedes-Benz truck owners and truck drivers from all over Malaysia by communicating with one another on a more personal note.

Truck owners running a business with a fleet of trucks or truck drivers driving a truck daily is certainly not an easy task. Truckers provide an essential service to every industry as well as being intertwining partners to every business and are key people contributing to the economic growth. It is with this reason MBTC is hoping to instill a sense of pride and recognition to MB truckers for their efforts.

MBTC will create a platform for Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle to reach out to MB truckers to acknowledge their contributions so that it will not go unnoticed."

This is merely a stepping stone for Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle to show their appreciation to their truckers and there’s more to look forward to.
Every MB Trucker who signs up for MBTC will be entitled for :

  • Driver’s pack the minute you sign up
  • Special discounts & privileges with our partner merchants
  • Discount for MB merchandise
  • Exclusive invitation to MBCV events and activities
  • Automatic Entitlement to join all MBCV competitions

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